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 Greetings!  I am Diana Briscoe, Transformational Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist, operatic singer and actor.  I work with those in the creative fields such as writers, performing and visual artists who are at a point in their life where they are struggling with blocks, preventing them from producing their work and getting gigs.  Whether it be lack of material they create or just finding the strength to carry on on the face of rejection and self doubt. Maybe they have attempted to ,"sell out" in a sense to be more general for seemingly mass appeal, shutting down the flow of their creative spirit and not really being authentic in what they offer, themselves. Perhaps they have a family to support and the pressures of being the breadwinner. It would not even be a surprise to hear they may have given up a little or with the stress of juggling a day job and their creative dreams they end up going through life on" auto pilot" just getting through the day when they wish they were really on stage living their dream. Focusing on the day job which can be far more respected in society than being a seemingly struggling artist. This can result in losing their joy and repressing their drive, resulting in getting off course. 

 Feeling the pressure of maintaining that everything is fine, they may even start to cope by taking on unhealthy coping mechanisms and making further unwise choices.  Not knowing how to overcome their blocks they continue on. Due to stress demands and not allowing themselves to take a break or take the time to listen to what they need, they may even be afraid to ask for help, hoping what they create will be successful or they just may give up, accepting they cannot make a living with their creative gifts.  That being very disenheartening indeed, I know that by taking steps for self care, managing stress, they can begin to go within, reflect, and make the desired changes for creativity to flow. They can prioritize creating and performing  effortlessly again. By giving themselves permission and self care, they can begin to see where life patterns and circumstances have resulted in lack in confidence in their abilities and has started to take their toll. 

  By working with me to facilitate going within and rediscovering their innate creative source and identifying blocks and disempowering  limiting self beliefs and patterns, they align once again with their unique gifts they offer the world. They create new empowering beliefs and patterns, ones that get them the gigs and contracts they desire! If this speaks to any of you, and you desire to step up and be the star that you really are, feel free to contact me for a  complimetary consultation on how I can serve you in reactivating your creativity, totally unleashing it, anchoring it into your life,  and for restoring  your life passion! You will be unblocked, totally present in your creativity and achieving the results in your professional and personal life and get gigs and contracts!

My Mission


My mission is to unblock artists to bring forth their work into the world with power and purpose, so they land more gigs, contracts and birth forth their artistic vision confidently!

    A world where we are bringing our gifts and talents to the surface, benefits society and adds richness to our lives!

Coaching you to success

You are talented and likely have spent hours of time and money in honing your craft, paying your dues, juggling a day job, famiily and your energy levels!

    What this world needs is more beauty, creative expression, and artists like you! Yes, you can receive abundance from your gigs but change often comes from within!

 What do I mean? We are taught that artists are broke, and struggle and often that is exactly, what is happening.

Or, many artists are recognized after they are dead, perhaps they were too ahead for their time period.Sometimes,  it seems there are too many obstacles ahead of us and we shut down. One thing we know is, that you do not know what you can achieve if you give up.

  In working with me, we will see what is blocking you from artistic success. We will make a practical yet honestly bold plan on achieving what you need and I will help you clear barriers holding you back! 

Common reasons we do not succeed is buying into false belief patterns, self defeating behavior, fear of success and lack of self worth. That coupled with lack of discipline and inspiration really can have us stuck and lip synching in the mirror!

   Working with me will clear obstacles and empower you with belief in your abilities, to show up as the Creator, the Artists that you are into the world you, boldly and with confidence!

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