I am very pleased with the results of my hypnotherapy with Diana Briscoe. Under her guidance, I was able to meet my Inner Artist and accomplish a great deal in a short amount of time. We spent most of our therapy on visualization. For example I had accepted a job singing for a wedding and I didn't know the clients personally. That's not something I'm used to doing. I had a lot of nerves surrounding the job, so I asked Diana if we could visualize something that would help me feel like I'm satisfying the customer who has never heard me sing before. I felt that the performance was a great success because I was prepared by Diana through a visualization exercise where I can bring my ideal stage to any place meaning that through my mental power, I can set this ideal stage for myself no matter where I am. We also discussed that this creative path would be financially secure, so I should start a new endeavor right away. I joined a gospel choir that she recommended(Selah Gospel Choir). Very soon after I joined, I was paid  to sing with the famous rock band U2. . On top of it all, a huge goal of mine is to sing at the Disney Hall as a member of the Los Angeles Master Chorale. We visualized their conductor many times. His name is Grant Gershon and has been their conductor since I was in high school at least. The Disney Hall is a very magical place to sing because of the incredible acoustics. Lo and behold, my gospel choir was selected by Gay Men’s Chorus of LA to perform at the Disney Hall. I was selected out of 200 singers to make a recording of that GMCLA concert, and tonight I will be rehearsing for that recording. I can go on and on about all the good that has come from the hypnotherapy, but those are very specific things that were facilitated by the therapy. I continue to work on myself, and am reading The Artist’s Way. It works long the same lines of creative recovery and artistic output as Diana’s therapy sessions. However, I feel that the work we did together was very powerful and I highly recommend it. 

Janet Ramirez, singer

 “Diana Briscoe helped clear the rubbish in my mind that was allowing me to procrastinate and not focus on recording my album. She lead me towards dislodging my blocks and reminding me of my own expertise and ability to control my own behavior including resolving past pain and the knee jerk reactions that were leading me to bad habits. What she did was help me push the boulder to begin healing, and to record my album. Every morning I wake up I am now committed to the plan that Diana helped me to create. I am so thankful.” Marvin Bartel , musician/composer

 “Diana is as flexible and inspired as she is masterful in various hypno-therapeutic techniques. We did one session going to Superior Court, another regressing to the Austrian Alps in 1100 A.D. This wonderfully eclectic program allowed me to make important changes in my life, as well as finish my life’s work, the book I’ve been writing for 21 years.” Raven Dia 

Her strong and nurturing technique, has been a great help to me. I had some creative block, with a direction, on some visual art work. Going through the process of hypnosis, help me gain a strong sense of creative direction. I always left inspired and confident !

Thank you, Ms. Briscoe !

Kirk Arnold Smith, actor, singer and artist

I had an excellent experience in my counseling session with Diana R Briscoe. She brings key insights into her guided hypnotherapy, which helped me on a path of clarity as to my own life goals and a welcome clarity to how I understand and narrate my life for others. Gentle and intuitive, that's Diana Briscoe!

Eric Volmer, writer